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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keeping Jesus

Why do things happen like they do? Specifically the bad things.  I wish I could give you the right answer to such questions.  I don’t have them.  I can suggest that the good things are done by God himself to his believers. 

Believers? Yes to his believers.  Believers are people who have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives as their personal savior.  Those are the ones that the devil has lost.  Now that he has lost those people he gets upset.  But why would he get upset? You ask.  Well he gets upset because when he looses he will keep loosing.  For the devil when he looses a lost soul to Jesus that makes his army weaker.  The unsaved he don’t care about he already has them.  They are his playthings.  But when a believer emerges from the hands of the devil.  Now he (the devil) now will set his sights on the believer and do what he can to mess things up, make things difficult, or just ruin (or attempt to) a believers life.

As a believer we must not allow this to happen.  We do this by keeping our mind on Christ.  We need to keep up our studies.  Keep the song of the Lord in our hearts.  And stay away from bad if we can.  We need to stay accountable to our Christian Brothers and Sisters.  Accountability is the key to stay safe from the devil.  It keeps us in check in making sure we have Jesus on our minds.